产品介绍 专业园林类工具产品,割草机、链锯等。
Professional garden tools, lawn mower, chain saw.
项目目标 全新PI设计、产品定位、产品系列化设计。
Design of new PI, product positioning, and serial products.


• 全新的PI体系设定 


基于我们针对未来5-10年日本园林工具市场趋势的调研报告,再结合Zenoah“科技“、”进取“的品牌特质,我们为其制订了科学的PI体系。同时,在此体系之下,还明确了高端专业、中端主流以及低端消费3个产品系列的视觉识别规范。未来、科技与趣味,而后者则着重强调产品的专业、稳固与性能。为了强化产品酷感、先锋的视觉印象,我们将两个系列的产品主色设定为神秘且深沉的黑色以及热烈的红色,同时再点缀性能取向的明黄色,使产品形象既强烈又不会过分嘈杂。   Based on the research report on the Japanese gardening tool market in future five to ten years and combined with its quality of “science and advancement”, I.CO has helped design a scientific PI system. Meanwhile, under the PI system, I.CO defines the visual recognition specifications of three product series: the high-end professional product; the medium-end mainstream product; and the low-end product.



高端专业系列的产品形体以极富张力的大曲线面勾勒而成,大气、简约而且优雅! 白色搭配Zenoah红再以黑色为点缀的色彩方案,含蓄、低调又不失大气,同时还兼顾体现着产品的卓越性能!   The high-end professional product is designed with curved surfaces and lines, being natural, simplified and elegant. The coloring plan of white, red and a little black, creates a low-profile inclusive outlook and presents the high quality of the product.



The medium-end mainstream product is to shoulder the responsibility of “quantitative sales”, thus being conservative and pragmatic in design positioning to avoid a polarized response from the audience due to advance design style. And delicate details are the most important part because beingconservative and pragmatic is absolutely different from being simple and poor in design.


低端消费级产品主要面向非专业用户,故产品的造型设计需掌握一种平衡,在酷炫的造型中表现出更具亲和力的感觉。对此,精巧又简洁的产品结构,酷感先锋的产品特质,以及时尚精美的产品细节至关重要!    The low-end product is produced for the non-professional users, so it needs to arouse customers’ desire for shopping with strong visual impact. And compact and small size, pioneering product quality and exquisite and fashionable details matter most. Meanwhile, I.CO employs the colors of red and black and forms a sharp contrast, injecting passion and vitality into the product and making it more attractive.


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